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Head of School

Welcome to Ashley River Classical Academy!

We are excited to embark on this educational journey with you as we bring outstanding education to South Carolina. At ARCA, our mission is clear: to equip scholars with the tools they need to learn, think critically, and eloquently express their thoughts. We are committed to nurturing the minds and hearts of our young scholars through a classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, enriched with a focus on moral character and civic virtue.

Our approach is rooted in time-tested and proven methods. Our scholars delve into the greatest works of literature and poetry, while immersing themselves in the study of history, science, economics, and civics. They memorize important facts, dates, names, places, and events, and explore foreign languages like Spanish and Latin. Through this wealth of knowledge, our students gain the ability to form well-reasoned opinions, craft compelling arguments, and expand their horizons of understanding.

At Ashley River Classical Academy, our school culture is shaped by the pillars of virtue: courage, moderation, justice, responsibility, friendship, prudence, and wisdom.

We provide scholars with a safe and supportive environment built on high expectations, mutual trust, and respect. It is within this nurturing atmosphere that we help them develop wisdom and instill virtuous habits. When your scholars walk through our doors, they enter a place that encourages excellence and empowers them to be the positive change they wish to see in their community and the world.

Perhaps most importantly, at ARCA, we wholeheartedly embrace excellence, wonder, and joy. These ideals guide our daily efforts in the classroom. Standardized tests do not dictate our curriculum; instead, we aim to spark curiosity, foster creativity, encourage thoughtful reflection, and instill a love for learning for its own sake. As a result, our scholars leave equipped with the tools to be self-disciplined and intellectually competent, with strong moral character and a profound sense of civic responsibility.

We invite all parents who seek an exceptional classical education for their scholars to fill out an interest form and attend one of our upcoming parent information meetings. We look forward to partnering with you and your scholars on this educational journey, where the pursuit of knowledge is complemented by a sense of wonder and joy.

In Partnership,
Alexandria Spry
Head of School

Now Hiring K-12 Teachers

ARCA is looking for teachers who have a solid understanding of classical education, a dedication to the liberal arts and the teaching of civics, and a strong capacity for organizational leadership.