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Become a Volunteer

By volunteering their time and resources, parents can play a vital role in helping to create a welcoming and supportive environment for students, staff, and families.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Parent Service Organization (PSO)

Parents and families have the opportunity to join our Parent Service Organization (PSO) before the school opens, where they can contribute their time and expertise in specific areas that positively influence enrollment, foster community engagement, and help shape the future of Ashley River Classical Academy.

Assist with Preparations

Help with pre-opening tasks such as setting up classrooms, decorating common areas, assembling furniture, and organizing supplies. This could involve participating in workdays or volunteering during designated times to help get the school ready for students.

Coordinate Volunteer Efforts

Take on a leadership role to coordinate volunteer efforts and recruit other parents to get involved. This could involve organizing volunteer schedules, assigning tasks, and ensuring that all necessary preparations are completed in time for the opening.

Offer Special Skills or Services

Use your skills and talents to support specific needs of the school. For example, parents or family members with backgrounds in construction, design, or landscaping could offer their expertise to assist with renovations, landscaping, or interior decorating.

Participate in Training or Orientation

Parents and Guardians can attend training sessions or orientation meetings offered by the school to learn about volunteer opportunities, policies, and procedures. This will ensure that parents are well-prepared to volunteer effectively and contribute positively to the school community.

Plan Pre-Opening Events

Work alongside with school administrators and staff to plan and organize special events or activities prior to the school opening. This could include coordinating entertainment, food vendors, guest speakers, and activities for students and families to enjoy.

Promote Community Engagement

Help promote the school opening within the community to generate excitement and encourage attendance. This could involve distributing flyers or posters, sharing information on social media, reaching out to local businesses for sponsorship or donations, and inviting community leaders to participate in partnership.

Provide Volunteer Support on Open House day(s)

Volunteer to help with various tasks such as greeting guests, assisting with parking and traffic flow, guiding visitors around the school, and providing support to staff as needed.

Now Hiring K-12 Teachers

ARCA is looking for teachers who have a solid understanding of classical education, a dedication to the liberal arts and the teaching of civics, and a strong capacity for organizational leadership.